Medical Services Organisation

Medical Services Organisation (MSO), provides risk management and disease management services to over one million beneficiaries throughout Africa, Europe and the United States.

Hospital and medication costs have become the single biggest cost to any healthcare funder. MSO’s strategy of providing a comprehensive managed care solution provides medical schemes and healthcare funders with significant and unique advantages that improve their competitive position. MSO has an impressive 15 year track record, which has been shown through independent, critical audit, to deliver quantifiable savings, exceed client expectations and achieve a high degree of member and policy holder acceptance.

MSO is a recognised market leader in terms of hospital benefit and disease management. It is the only independent managed care provider in South Africa and is unconditionally accredited by the Council for Medical Schemes.

MSO International provides Third Party Administration and Cost Containment Services to a large number of international health insurers and large corporates.

With offices in 6 key cities around Africa, and over 6,000 contracted providers covering almost every country on the African continent, the company’s strategy of providing a comprehensive claims risk management solution provides healthcare funders with significant and unique advantages that improve their competitive position and deliver savings. Our 24/7 Call Centre is staffed by trained clinical staff and can handle cases in English, French, Arabic and Portuguese, as well as several local African languages. MSO International’s Assistance Division is able to effectively manage medical assistance cases almost anywhere on the continent. MSO International has recently been nominated as the Core Partner for South Africa for the International Assistance Group. This status is testament to the quality of our assistance services and gives MSO the ability to manage client assistance cases on a global scale